PMMA-20140 Monetary and Multidimensional Child Poverty


We investigate the effect of parental education on the concordance/discordance between monetary and multidimensional child poverty. First, in a simple model of parental investment in child outcomes, we demonstrate that the misalignment between household income and parental education is a predictor of the mismatch between monetary and multidimensional child poverty. Indeed, a match between these two poverty measurements occurs whenever household income and parental education are correlated. Second, using Tanzania NPS data, we nd that parental education has a negative effect on the probability that a monetarily non-poor child suffers some basic deprivations, and a positive effect on the likelihood that a mon- etarily poor child suffers no basic deprivations.


Project leader: Paola Ballon

Project researchers: John Cockburn | Sylvain Eloi Dessy | SETOU DIARRA

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Monetary and multidimensional child poverty: Why they differ 2017-07-27 4.11MB 0 0

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