PMMA-20102 Informal employment and labour market policies. The case of domestic workers in Uruguay.


In recent decades there has been a systematic increase in the participation of women in the labour market, however women have been largely incorporated in occupations with unfavorable working conditions. The high incidence of precarious employment among women has been associated with the need to reconcile paid and unpaid work as well as with the persistence of occupational segregation. In this sense, the domestic and care work sector concentrates 14.4% of employed women, which can be partially explained by women’s responsibilities as a product of the traditional sexual division of labour. Therefore, given the high representation of this sector among female employment, it has a crucial role in improving working conditions among women and in reducing global gender gaps in wages and informality. In this context, Uruguay has been a pioneer in the implementation of labour regulation for the domestic work sector. In this paper we study the effects of these recent policies in the domestic work sector on informality, employment and wages through a quasi-experimental methodology: difference-in-differences. Evidence in this research will contribute to the understanding of effects of public policies by analyzing if labour regulation at the domestic work sector has materialized into effective and substantial improvements in working conditions, so as to continue making progress towards greater equality between men and women in the Uruguayan labour market.


Project leader: Alma Espino Gonzalez

Project researchers: Martina Querejeta | Gabriela Pedetti | Sharon Katzkowicz | Soledad Salvador

Scientific mentors: Marcelo Bérgolo

Journal publication

Authors Co-Authors Title of paper Title of Economic Review Bibliographic references
Sharon Katzkowicz, Gabriela Pedetti, Martina Querejeta, Marcelo Bergolo <p>Low-skilled workers and the effects of minimum wage in a developing country: Evidence based on a density-discontinuity approach</p> World Development

Volume 139, 
March 2021,
Article 105279 (Online)

Working Papers

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Low-Skilled Workers and the Effects of Minimum Wage: New Evidence Based on a Density-Discontinuity Approach 2019-05-14 1.69MB 0 0

Policy Briefs

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Uruguay's domestic workers boosted by minimum wage policy 2018-11-14 478.07kB 0 0
Trabajadoras domésticas de Uruguay impulsadas ​​por la política de salario mínimo 2018-11-14 312.49kB 0 0

Final report

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Informal employment and labour market policies. The case of domestic workers in Uruguay. 2018-09-18 1.59MB 0 0


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2017-09-21 1279.85KB 2 2

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