CBMS-20010 Determinants of financial inclusion for youth Entrepreneurship: Evidences from Addis Ababa and Shirka Wereda, Ethiopia.


The proposed project has the objective of establishing CBMS data bank and will conduct a pilot Study investigating the Determinants of financial inclusion among micro and small business youth entrepreneurs: Evidences from Addis Ababa City and Shirka Wereda, Ethiopia. Data regarding number of dependents, availability of capital, social factors, educational level and others will be taken as an indicator to assess the situation. Then, the data obtained will be processed through Statistical Software Package for Social Scientists STATA considering multivariate regression model. Finally, the project will recommend possible policy and strategic modifications to stakeholders such as banks, insurers, government, social institutions etc.


Project leader: Degife Ketema Alemu

Project researchers: Abel Tewolde Mehari | Kassahun Mamo Geleta | Senayit Seyoum Yilma | Mulugeta Hailemariam Hussen | Hiwot Girma | Menen Abate | Eden Gebremikael

Scientific mentors: Celia Reyes | Anne Bernadette Mandap

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