PMMA-20000 Gender pay gap in times of austerity


Responding to high fiscal deficit in the country, Serbian Government introduced a set of austerity measures at the beginning of 2015. The measures included a cut in the public wages which is more likely to hit female earnings and increase the gender wage gap that already stood at high 14%. Workforce downsizing, another component of the same fiscal consolidation program, that prompted transitions to retirement or to the private sector, are likely to further influence the size of the gander pay gap. Aim of our research project is to estimate the effects of the austerity measures on the size and distribution of the gender pay gap, as well as on the labour market transitions, using wage decomposition, quantile regression and panel data methods on Labour Force Survey (LFS) data from 2014 to 2016. Our research findings are important for policy making process in Serbia for several reasons. First, it will show that gender sensitive policy making is still not a common practice, as austerity policies have been drafted without any prior analysis about possible impact on existing gender inequalities. Second, our intention is to show that one of the most important provision of Law on Gender Equality that stresses the “right to equal pay for equal work or work of equal value by the employee” is being violated in practice.


Project leader: Jelena Zarkovic

Project researchers: Marko Vladisavljevic | Ivana Poljak | Ivana Prokić

Scientific mentors: Jorge Davalos

Journal publication

No journal publications.

Working Papers

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The Effects of Austerity Measures on Gender Gaps in Labor Market Outcomes 2019-02-18 2.85MB 0 0

Policy Briefs

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Austerity measures exacerbate labour market gender inequality in Serbia 2019-01-09 557.67kB 0 0
Mere štednje pogoršavaju rodnu nejednakost na tržištu rada u Srbiji 2019-01-09 569.52kB 0 0

Final report

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Gender pay gap in times of austerity 2018-09-18 714.86kB 0 0


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2017-09-21 515.65kB 0 0

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