CBMS-19996 Understanding the challenges of financial inclusion of rural women´s entreprenurship in Nicaragua


Poor people, especially women, face many restrictions in using credit to develop their microenterprises, even if financial services are available (Morvant-Roux & Guerín, 2012). Therefore, we argue that financial inclusion programs seeking to consolidate rural women microenterprises, need to understand their local wider dynamics, identifying not just their restrictions as individuals but also in terms of their positioning in intra-household, community and municipal dynamics, where the ultimate causes of exclusion and opportunity hoarding by others can be found. In this sense, this research project aims to analyze who are being reached by microfinance programs and how microfinance mechanisms that promote financial inclusion can better address rural women’s restrictions to improve their microenterprises.


Project leader: Guillermo Bornemann

Project researchers: Ana Cristina Rostran | María Milagros Romero López | Selmira Flores | YURI Marin

Scientific mentors: Celia Reyes | Anne Bernadette Mandap

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