CBMS-12918 Promoting Entrepreneurship to Address Youth Unemployment


The Bureau of Labor and Employment Survey data on youth employment reveal that the Filipino youth are predominant in entrepreneurial activities in the country. The youth is defined by the Bureau of Labor and Employment Survey as individuals between the age of 18 and 30 years old. This age group also experiences the highest level of unemployment and underemployment, where 49.1 percent of the unemployed Filipinos belong to the age bracket of 15 to 24 years old, while around 31.6 percent are from 25-to-34 age cohort based on the Philippine Statistics Authority. To immediately address this problem of youth unemployment, the government eoncourages the youth to go to into business. Two of the programs of the government, specifically Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) aimed at reducing the number of unemployed and at the same time addressing the education for employment needs of the youth are the Youth Education-Youth Employability (YE-YE) Project and Youth Entrepreneurship Support (YES) Project. The YES project shall meet the employment needs of young graduates through a comprehensive and coherent package of entrepreneurship-related services. Enterprise development is enhanced through collaboration and partnership between the DOLE and the educational institutions in preparing college and technical-vocational graduating students and graduates for business advantage. Because of these programs along with other programs aimed at enhancing labor market information, skills training and upgrading, online job matching and entrepreneurial skills, the share of the youth in the early or start-up businesses increased since the year 2006 (Philippine Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, 2013). Most of them are engaged in consumer services such as retail trade, eating and dining places, health and wellness care, repair services, cleaning and laundry services among others. Moreover, most of the youth are more optimistic about the entrepreneurial activity compared to the other age groups. Given this background, the study focuses on assessing the role of government programs such as the YE-YE and YES Projects in addressing youth unemployment, i.e., whether these projects have led to employment creation of the youth. Specifically, the study would like to answer the following research questions: 1) What strategies of human capital development do youth use in positioning themselves for the labor market?; 2) What are the characteristics of young entrepreneurs and types of their entrepreneurial activities?; 3) Do youths who engage in these enterepreneurial activites have better quality of life than those who are not? This study will contribute to the body of knowledge of youth entrepreneurship as a means to enhance labor market outcomes, what works and does not work, and under what circumstances can these programs be replicated.


Project leader: Mitzie Irene Conchada

Project researchers: Marites Tiongco | Paulynne Castillo | Divina Edralin

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Mitzie Irene P. Conchada Marites Tiongco, Paulynne J. Castillo, Divina M. Edralin Evaluating Government Programs for Enhancing the Welfare of the Youth Towards Entrepreneurship DLSU Business & Economics Review

Volume 27, 2017, pages 59-71

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Evaluating Government Programs for Enhancing the Welfare of the Youth Towards Entrepreneurship 2018-05-17 929.64kB 0 0

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