PPLRG-001 Impacts of the Peruvian conditional cash transfer program on women empowerment: a quantitive and qual


In a context of a key role of women on Conditional Cash Transfers Programs (CCT) and a relatively scarce and inconclusive literature on the effects of these programs on them, the objective of this study is to analyze the impact of JUNTOS, the Peruvian CCT, on the empowerment of its beneficiary women. We expect the study to be relevant by providing a better understanding of the effects of one of the main national social programs and by contributing to knowledge of the impact of CCT on women in general. Specifically, the study proposes to analyze the impact of the JUNTOS program on beneficiary mothers mainly in terms of the following empowerment dimensions: economic (income and work conditions), the power to make decisions at home and changes in how they manage their time at home in order to analyze whether the program has strengthened women traditional roles at home. In addition, effects of the CCT on domestic violence will be also addressed. The study will combine quantitative and qualitative methods. In the first case, using information available in household surveys (ENDES and Young Lives), we propose to assess the impact of the program by identifying homes not affiliated to the program which are similar to affiliated homes in their observable characteristics (home and district),and comparing the results of women peers (using techniques of Propensity Score Matching). Given the complexity of women empowerment processes, we propose to complement the quantitative results, with focus groups (triads) and in depth interviews in selected districts to obtain a better understanding of the complexity of explanatory factors and underlying problems. We have discussed the objective of the study with representatives of the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (MIDIS) and of the JUNTOS program and agreed with them on sharing our process of analysis and results to contribute to their ongoing efforts to improve the program in terms of its effects on the families’ wellbeing.


Project leader: Lorena Alcazar

Project researchers: Karen Helenize Espinoza Iglesias

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