CBMS-12901 Concepcion 2nd Phase: Social Protection, Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship. CBMS in Bolivia (“i-Community”)


Between end of 2014 and the first half of 2015, Aru Foundation conducted a pilot project of the Community Based Monitoring System (CBMS) in Bolivia, called ”i-Community”. The community involved was ”Concepci´on” of the Department of Santa Cruz. The project completed the first phase of CBMS in Bolivia, this involved a cartographic updating, data collection, validation with social organizations and the dissemination of information with local and departmental authorities.During the pilot project many tools were designed to meet each stage of the project, some of which are available on the online platform www.comunidad-i.info. The collaboration of technicians and local authorities strengthened the interest in promoting statistical processes at the local level and highlighted the importance of implementing policies monitoring systems.This pilot project demonstrated the importance of local information for public policy in small communities. Additionaly, CBMS in Bolivia has a many possibilities of institutionalization, the main reasons are local political context, descentalization process and economic viability in Concepcion. However, we identified that there are some lessons to be learned from this pilot project. First, it is really important to keep communication with the Departamental Statistical Institute and the Government of Santa Cruz, in order to integrate these institutions in the CBMS project in Bolivia. Second, the sensibilization phase during the project is really important to keep the interest from local people in the project and in the process of data collection. Third, the recruitment process of the project has to be done in school vacations because it gives the project a large group of young people that are interested in the project. Finally, is important to build a stronger communication strategy to maintain relations with local authorities and encourage them to use data in the design of public policies. The next phase of the project proposes to conduct a second round of data collection in the community of Concepci´on, mainly oriented to consolidate the initiative in this community and in order to obtain a panel of two years. Last April were held municipal elections in Bolivia, and Concepcion change of Mayor, the new authority belongs to the opposing force of the past Mayor, so it is expected that there is a renewal of most municipal staff. This fact motivates implement CBMS again in Concepcion, it is intended that this second phase is achieved institutionalize the initiative. The ARU Foundation expresses its interest and commitment to transfer knowledge and support communities in order to raise the effectiveness of its policies through monitoring systems.

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Project leader: Werner Hernani-Limarino

Project researchers: Sherli Mamani | Efrain Candia | Javier Aliaga-Lordemann | Julio Cordero | Paul Villaroel

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Working Papers

Title Modified Size Comments Recommendations
Design and Implementation of Community Based Monitoring System (CBMS) Second Experience in Vallegrande - Bolivia 2016-12-01 6.77MB 0 0
Non-employment, unemployment and underemployment among the youth: A case study of Vallegrande, Bolivia 2017-03-16 4093.66KB 0 0
CBMS in Bolivia: Santa Cruz Valleys Poverty Profile 2018-05-17 2.33MB 0 0

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