CBMS-12895 An Examination of Multidimensional Poverty, Youth Unemployment and Entrepreneurship in Limpopo Provin


For more than two decades, governments and development agencies around the world have focused on reducing poverty and inequality. Informed public planning is key to basic service delivery,reducing poverty and addressing inequalities within society. This requires timely and accurate data to measure progress and plan for investment, as well as for good analysis and policy application. Eradication of poverty, inequality and provision of basic service is therefore at the top of the agenda for South Africa as highlighted by the efforts reflected in the types of policies and strategies adopted since the 1994 dispensation. Since South Africa moved to decentralization as a means of bringing governments closer to the people, the demand for local information has increased. Unfortunately, this shift to a decentralized government structure was not accompanied by a corresponding shift in the statistical system nor an institutionalized multidimensional poverty measuring methodology at local government levels. The lack of appropriate local data hinders development planning and programs, and constrains efforts to monitor change leading to frequent service delivery protests. The need for local data was confirmed by the CBMS pilot study conducted in Mutale and Greater Tzaneen local Municipalities from 2011 to 2014 and the interest from those Municipalities. The pilot study demonstrated that community based monitoring tool can enhance effective local municipality poverty reduction planning by providing accurate and timely baseline data. Furthermore it could enhance monitoring systems through a set of basic indicators for good analysis and assessing policy application. In phase 2, in addition to conducting of CBMS, data to be collected will also be used to examine youth employment and entrepreneurship. It is anticipated that the findings and recommendations would help policy makers and the local government to come up with appropriate intervention strategies.


Project leader: Grace Oloo

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