PMMA-12699 Mismatch Unemployment: the case of Macedonia -with special reference to young adults


The past two decades were characterized by high and persistent youth unemployment rates in Macedonia; this is despite the many active workfare policies addressed to the youth population. Thus, this paper contributes to the literature by investigating the impact that a longer unemployment spell has had on the labor market mismatch of young Macedonian job-seekers. The empirical analysis builds on different econometric model approaches based on the School to- Work Transition Survey (SWTS) conducted by the ILO in 2012. Our results clearly suggest that longer unemployment spells lead to higher mismatches, but that such effects are heterogeneous across educational attainment groups of low, middle and highly educated young job seekers.


Project leader: Viktorija Atanasovska

Project researchers: Branka Hadzi-Misheva | Tijana Angjelkovska

Scientific mentors: Paola Ballon | Guy Lacroix | Jorge Davalos

Journal publication

Authors Co-Authors Title of paper Title of Economic Review Bibliographic references
Tijana Angjelkovska, Viktorija Atanasovska, Jorge Davalos <p>Unemployment Spells and Skills Mismatch: Evidence from Macedonia&#39;s Youth Labour Force</p> Book: Social Exclusion and Labour Market Challenges in the Western Balkans; Eds. Bartlett, W., Monastiriotis, V., Koutroumpis, P.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2020
Chapter 8, pp. 151-174

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Unemployment spell and vertical skills mismatches: The case of Macedonia's youth 2016-09-12 4484.81KB 0 0

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Skills mismatches and unemployment spells: The case of Macedonia’s youth 2016-06-27 716.24KB 0 0

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