CBMS-12695 Willingness to pay of the Togolese informal sector workers for access to the social Protection: the C


Though essential for human life, more than 72.5% of workers do not benefit from the social protection in Togo. This is mainly due to the fact that they exert in the informal sector. For instance, as estimated between 2008 and 2009, only 5.8% of population aged 60 and above are pensioned off. Also, only 4.5% of orphans are estimated to receive orphan benefits and only 6% of families receive family benefits. The situation is more worrying in the main cities of Togo. For example, in the capital city Lomé, more than 84% of workers are engaged in the informal sector. These figures illustrate the exclusion of the majority of populations from the security social system that should be integrated in the system. Thus, the main objective of the present study is to assess the Willingness to Pay (WTP) of the Togolese workers operating in the informal sector for access to social protection. Specifically, the study aims to: - determine the amount of the informal sector workers’ WTP for access to social security offered by the CNSS - identify the factors that affect their willingness to pay- test the effect of the consequentialist script on the WTP - carry out a cost-benefit analysis of such a policy. The single bounded of the contingent valuation method is used for the analysis. A survey will be conducted in the Lomé city and will concerned a sample of 1225 informal sector workers determined based on the formulae of Sudman and Bradburn (1982).


Project leader: Esso - Hanam ATAKE

Project researchers: André MELACHIO TAMEKO | totouom Armand | Owodon AFO-LOKO | Ahoéfa Améyo AMENOUDJI | Efouaboè ESSIOMLEY | Malb Ama N YAGNINIM | DANDONOUGBO yevesse | Abdul-Fahd FOFANA | KOUEVIDJIN DEDE

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Esso Hanam Atake Akoété Ega Agbodi, Malb Ama N’Danida Yagninim , Dédé Kouevidjin, André Melachio Tameko, Luc Armand Totouom Fotuè, yevessé Dandonougbo, Abdul Fahd Fofana Togolese Informal Sector Workers’ Willingness to Pay for Access to Social Protection DLSU Business & Economics Review

Volume 27, 2017, pages 97-106

Dosse Mawussi Djahini-Afawoubo Esso-Hanam Atake Extension of mandatory health insurance to informal sector workers in Togo Health Economics Review

(2018) 8: 22

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Togolese Informal Sector Workers' Willingness to Pay for Access to Social Protection: The Case Study of CNSS 2016-12-01 474.36kB 0 0

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2016-11-21 3410.63KB 0 0


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