CBMS-12658 Challenges and prospects of entrepreneurship and job creation for youth employment in two federal administered cities of Ethiopia(Adiss Ababa and Dire Dawa).


The proposed project has objective of investigating the possible challenges and prospects which influence youth employment in two big cities of Ethiopia, where unemployment rate is believed to be very high. Data regarding number of dependents, availability of capital, social factors, educational level and others will be taken as an indicator to assess the situation. Then, the data obtained will process through Statistical Software package for social scientists (SPSS) considering multivariate regression model. The multivariate regression model takes number of dependents and income as a core independent variable and the tendency of youth in job creation and self employment as dependent. The hypothesis set will check other remaining factors’ impact on youth employment. Finally, the project will recommend possible policy and strategic modification to stakeholders like banks, insurers, government, social institutions etc.


Project leader: Abel Tewolde Mehari

Project researchers: Hayat Fentaw | Christian Feleke | Kassahun Mamo Geleta | Senayit Seyoum Yilma

Working Papers

Title Modified Size Comments Recommendations
CBMS Design in Ethiopia 2017-01-17 375.54KB 0 0
Challenges and Prospects of Entrepreneurship Development and Job Creation for Youth Unemployed: Evidence from Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa city Administrations, Ethiopia. 2017-01-19 890.17KB 0 0
Poverty Profiling in Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa city Administrations, Ethiopia 2017-02-01 3186.14KB 0 0

Policy Briefs

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