CBMS-12566 Expanding Community-Based Poverty Monitoring System in Argentina


The Pilot CBMS implemented in Argentina in 2011 by the Institute of Economics (IE) was very successful and a learning experience for the IE and municipalities that were involved. This time we propose to replicate CBMS to several small towns in the municipalities of Olavarría and Benito Juárez, municipalities near Tandil, in the area of influence of the University, in the center of the province of Buenos Aires. We select these two municipalities for several reasons. First, we want to expand CBMS coverage. The more municipal governments are involved with, the more chances CBMS will expand in Argentina. Second, the two municipalities are in the area of the university, near Tandil. Third, we are currently working with these municipalities in related projects, and in fact we have been talking with them since 2011 to implement CBMS. Forth, the municipalities and one large quarrying company of the region are quite interested in implementing CBMS in the region. Fifth, municipalities and this company have already compromised to work jointly with us to implement the CBMS providing some monetary funds but more importantly human resources and support.


Project leader: Sebastian Auguste

Project researchers: Maria del Carmen Romero | Alejandro Ernesto Bricker | Mario Daniel Seffino | Daniel Hoyos Maldonado | Santiago Linares | Lorena Luquez | Mario Ravioli | Pierina Frontini

Journal publication

Authors Co-Authors Title of paper Title of Economic Review Bibliographic references
Sebastian Auguste Alejandro Bricker Gender Gap in Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Argentina DLSU Business & Economics Review

Volume 27, 2017, pages 1-27

Working Papers

Title Modified Size Comments Recommendations
Socioeconomic conditions in the small towns of Olavarrì­a 2015-05-20 5.04MB 0 0
Youth employment and entrepreneurship in Argentina 2015-05-21 5612.26KB 0 0
Socioeconomic conditions in Tandil 2016-12-01 5.04MB 0 0
Entrepreneur Gender Gap: Evidence from Argentina 2016-12-01 3.93MB 0 0

Policy Briefs

Title Modified Size Comments Recommendations
Developing Entrepreneurship Evidence from Argentina 2016-12-01 593.97KB 0 0

Final report

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