CBMS-12548 CBMS development initiative to reap the demographic dividend in the helm of 18th amendment in Pakistan


This proposal is aimed to develop a CBMS system at grass roots level for the Provincial Governments to regularly monitor the indicators for their effective planning, development and policy making for youth bulge and working age population. This proposal comes under PEP theme of “Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship”. Since there is no already existing CBMS system, this proposal also proposes to integrate MDGs indicators that effect directly or indirectly the youth population. Recent constitutional amendment, called 18th Amendment, in the Constitution of Pakistan make it obligatory for Provincial authorities to plan and implement their own policies. Every Province of Pakistan is different from other Provinces and this rationalizes for the Province-sensitive CBMS development at grass roots level. Another important point that encourages the submission of this proposal is based on the fact that unlike the Local Government Ordinance 2002, 18th Amendment is unlikely to be reversed or to be sabotaged due to administrative or political reasons.


Project leader: Nadeem Akhtar

Project researchers: Fatima Yamin | Hafiza Ruhma Amin | Shujaat Farooq | Aadil Wasim

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Working Papers

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The lynchpin of development in Pakistan: Community Based Monitoring System (CBMS) at grassroots level 2018-06-09 630.17kB 0 0
Poverty, its Distribution and Analysis: CBMS-Pakistan Pilot Project in the Punjab 2018-06-09 1.98MB 0 0

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