CBMS-12531 Institutionalizing Local Level Poverty Monitoring System (LLPMS)


For institutionalizing the community level poverty monitoring system training materials will be developed considering the capacity of local leaders. A standing committee of Union Parishad will be formed or activated for conducting local level poverty monitoring system. A core team of Faculty members of BARD will be developed through their active participation in the process of LLPMS so that BARD can offer a training course on Local Level Poverty Monitoring System on a regular basis. Under the guidance of standing committee and research assistants of the project local people will be engaged in data collection and calculation of core indicators of LLPMS. Finally, the functionaries of Union Parishad will be trained to prepare five year plan of UP by utilizing the information gathered through the process of LLPMS. Process and lessons learned through this process will be disseminated by organizing two workshops. Finally, training materials and process of the LLPMS will be updated by incorporating the experiences and feedback from different stakeholders. In that way BARD would be able to provide technical supports to other Union Parishads for implementing Local Level Poverty Monitoring System. If, necessary BARD would make advocacy for issuing administrative directive to implement the LLPMS in other areas of Bangladesh.


Project leader: Abdullah Al Mamun

Project researchers: Azma Mahmuda | Afrin Khan | Saifun Nahar

Working Papers

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Development of the CBMS Methodology in Bangladesh 2017-02-01 1092.33KB 0 0

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