PMMA-12366 Education language choice and youth entrepreneurship in Chad


Using the third Chadian survey on consumption and the informal sector (ECOSIT III), this study aims to assess the relationship between education language choice and entrepreneurship in Chad. By education language choice, we mean the choice between education in Arabic and education in French. Specifically, the study seeks to evaluate the effect of language of instruction on self-employment. To achieve this objective, we make use of a recursive vicariate profit model to tackle the endogeneity of education choice. Moreover, the propensity score matching approach is also used to check for the robustness of results. Three main conclusions are derived from the analysis: first, those youth who choose Arabiclanguage education are more likely to be an entrepreneur. Second, youth are more likely to be self-employed in Chad. Third, the probability to be self-employed is higher for men than women. Based on this evidence, relevant recommendations are provided to help the Chadian government and their partners to help to design appropriate policies to foster youth entrepreneurship in Chad.

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Project leader: Mallaye Douzounet

Project researchers: Benjamin Fomba Kamga | Koulké Blandine NAN-GUER | Urbain Thierry YOGO | Eurydice TORMAL GOSNGAR

Scientific mentors: Abdelkrim Araar

Journal publication

Authors Co-Authors Title of paper Title of Economic Review Bibliographic references
Mallaye Douzounet Abdelkrim Araar,Urbain Thierry Yogo Education language and youth entrepreneurship in Chad Journal of Development Studies

2017, Volume 53, Issue 8, pp. 1178-1193

Working Papers

Title Modified Size Comments Recommendations
Education language choice and youth entrepreneurship in Chad 2015-01-30 5015.98KB 0 0

Policy Briefs

Title Modified Size Comments Recommendations
Choice of education language and entrepreneurship in Chad 2015-01-15 426.99KB 0 0
Choix de la langue d’éducation et entreprenariat au Tchad 2015-02-17 433.33KB 0 0

Final report

No final reports.


Title Modified Size Comments Recommendations
School Choice and Youth Entrepreneurship in Chad 2013-06-30 1182KB 1 1

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