PIERI-11984 The Impact of Tuition Relief Program in Senior High School on Poor Junior High Students in Rural China


More and more rural kids in China have received junior high education since it became free in 2006. However, there remains a huge gap in the rate of admission to senior high school when comparing urban and rural students. One reason for this gap may be the high levels of tuition and fees for senior high school. In this report, we evaluated the impact of the tuition relief program proposed in Ningshan (the treatment county), one poor county in Shaanxi province in China for poor rural students using different estimation strategies, such as Difference-in-Differences (DD), Difference-in-Difference-in-Differences (DDD), Propensity Score Matching (Matching) and DD Matching. With the data collected in Ningshan and two control counties, Shiquan and Hanyin, we find that this program improves the math score/effort of the students significantly. More importantly, this program is shown to have a statistically significant and positive effect on the math scores of the poorest students in the treatment group compared to their wealthier peers.


Project leader: Xinxin Chen

Project researchers: Shaoqing Zheng | Chunlei Lang | Lijuan Guo | Pingping gu

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Working Papers

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The Impact of a Senior High School Tuition Relief Program on Poor Junior High School Students in Rural China 2013-07-08 1397.95KB 0 0

Policy Briefs

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Assessing the impact of a tuition relief program on poor rural students' performance in China 2012-12-21 1236.95KB 0 0

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2012-02-27 324KB 2 1


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2010-09-15 259KB 0 1

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