MPIA-10255 The effects of increasing openness and integration to the MERCOSUR on the Uruguayan labour market. A CGE modeling analysis.


In the nineties, Uruguay increased its opening to international trade and initiated an integration process with MERCOSUR. Resources were reallocated and the labour market showed increasing difficulties to adjust, making the unemployment rate soar to an unknown figure of almost 20% of the labour force, specially low skill workers. The aim of this study is estimate the effects on labor market of changes in trade policies and discuss trade and labour policies. A General equilibrium model will be improve to consider imperfections and specific features of the labour market in different sectors.


Project leader: María Inés Terra Ortiz

Project researchers: Gabriel Katz | Marisa Bucheli | Silvia Laens | Carmen Estrades

Journal publication

No journal publications.

Working Papers

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The Effects of Increasing Openness and Integration to the MERCOSUR on the Uruguayan Labour Market: A CGE Modelling Analysis - Working paper 2006-06 2006-09-27 294 KB 0 0

Policy Briefs

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MERCOSUR and the Uruguayan Labor Market: Increase in vulnerability may outweigh gains from integration 2007-09-15 20.49KB 0 0

Final report

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2006-02-22 378 KB 0 0


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